Fluting is produced in Donetsk cardboard mill in accordance with State Standard 7377-85.


Main characteristics of fluting: 

  •   Paper type: sized (S) and nonsized (NS). 
  •   Paper mark: B-3, B-2, B-1. 
  •   Paper mass: 100, 112, 125, 140, 160 g/m². 
  •   Paper format: in the range of 2100mm (1050, 1250, 850, 1200, 900, 1400, 700, 2100 and others.). 
  •   Paper reel core diameter: 76mm. 
  •   Average reel weight: 700 kg (for format 1050mm). 
  •   Average reel diameter: 1000mm.


Fluting is acting the most important part in time of testliners and craftliners and tares from them production – flute assumes the main load, and shock-absorbing characteristics of testliners and craftliners and tares from them depend of exactly technical characteristics of fluting. Fluting
125 g/m² and more is produced in accordance with technology of belayer forming. Rate value of «Example fluting resistance to butt pressing» under the value of B-0 mark in accordance with State Standard 7377-85 is the attribute of the fluting of Donetsk cardboard mill production.

Fluting produced on Donetsk cardboard mill can be used for testliners and craftliners production with flute profile A, C, B, N, and since recently also with profile E and F.

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