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TM "Best Clean" is a registered trademark in the territory of Ukraine, Russia, as well as in 12 European countries.

Logo is a unique hand-written letters, indicating that the exclusivity of the product and highlights a number of commodity and certainly adds recognition.
The blue color is associated with purity and freshness.

Series of "Standard"
Series of "Standard"Series of "Standard"Series of "Velvet" Toilet paper
Series of "Economy"Series of "Economy"Series of "Economy" Series of "Edem"Novelty paper towels 
Series of "Lux"  Series of "Lotos"
Novelty paper handkerchiefs 


For the production of products under the trademark "Best Clean" is used the most modern equipment and most advanced processing technology paper web:




The technology, which allows a point to put picture on the paper web, at the same time bind the layers together. Used to produce products for sale. The design pattern that applied to the roll products has been specifically designed for TM "Best Clean"




Italian Advanced Technology MICROEMBOSSING (mikrotisneniya) allows us to give a smooth, soft paper and shape while maintaining its strength characteristics. In the production uses no gluing or laminating material that enables the use of paper, both for adults and for child care.




Technology PUNTO-PUNTO
Embossing and lamination technology PUNT-PUNTO allows for a three-layer paper strength of the two layers. This allows the buyer to save on the purchase of paper.


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Care of ecology
The enterprise is a member of the Ukrainian industrial-ecological association "Ukrvtorma".
Now the companies are required the qualified employees.
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