prod_2.jpgDonetsk cardboard mill «Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD is the clientele oriented company. We understand that every client is individual. If You will be our client you will be able jointly with our engineers to develop individual technical requirements, which will take in account features of your production. And in the sequel you will be absolutely sure in the quality of incoming raw materials and in the quality of the fluting package.  

Assortment of Donetsk cardboard mill production amounts more than 20 descriptions of goods for fluting producers:


In 2009, started production of sanitary-hygienic products under the trademark "Best Clean": 


DSC_3579.jpg DSC_3585.jpg

Every batch of dispatch production is accompanied with Certificate of quality of certified laboratory.

Modern loading equipment is equipped with twin-clamp attachment and ensures as integrity of the packing as production safety.
Production shipment can be made with more comfortable type of transport for you, as automobile as railway. For that local railway exists. 

To purchase our production you can send us the order printed on your official blank by every handy for you way, via fax, e-mail, of fill on-line order (for authorized users ).As earlier you will place an order for Donetsk cardboard mill production as earlier you will can feel how much is that easy and profitable to collaborate with us! 




Care of ecology
The enterprise is a member of the Ukrainian industrial-ecological association "Ukrvtorma".
Now the companies are required the qualified employees.
Our partners
We are opened to cooperation with the various organisations.

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