Problems of civilized hard domestic waste collecting and utilization are actual already lot of years in biggest European cities. Industrial and intellectual potential concentration, acres and energy resources rise in price, ecological situation degradation and low capacity of waste recycling polygons set up very elevated claims to the problem solving.  

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  Civilized attitude to the company’s domestic waste and environment care became the important element in company’s European image forming that also brings saving rate. 

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  Our enterprise realizes professional actions of domestic waste collecting and utilization since 1997, being the associated member of Ukrainian producing-ecological association «Ukrvtorma», Kiev city. Croup of companies «Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD has realized the complete cycle of waste paper reprocessing in paper and cardboard and further in finish product- flute package, using its production facilities and ranks the deserved position in association of Ukrainian enterprises of pulp-and-paper branch «Ukrpapir», Kiev city.
  In present time we also propose such services as destruction of documentation of strict reporting, archives ect. (In Client’s presence if its necessary), with performed work act granting from Performer.

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Care of ecology
The enterprise is a member of the Ukrainian industrial-ecological association "Ukrvtorma".
Now the companies are required the qualified employees.
Our partners
We are opened to cooperation with the various organisations.

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