Donetsk cardboard mill purchase on continuing basis: 


Waste paper,


Cellulose base paper,

Waste paper and materials. 


Demands for suppliers:

  • All the production of Supplier has to have the high and constant quality.
  • Supplier has to realize the delivery of the goods to the «Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD storehouse in terms that are indicated in contract , order, specification, adjusted supply schedule.
  • To draw shipping and calculating documents clearly.
  • To give all necessary documents to «Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD address in time.
  • To accompany every delivery with copy of the document about quality(passport, certificate) with «alive» stamp of Supplier.
  • To send its representative efficiently for solving problems of quality and quantity of accepted goods upon warehouse of «Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD in case of disputable situation appearance.
  • To grant the delay of payment.

For the signature of the Treaty kontagentu must provide copies of the following documents:

  • Extract ("vityag", Ukr.) From EDRPOU dated the current quarter of this year;
  • Help from EDRPOU (Oblastat) with activities for the CTEA-2010;
  • The first three pages of the Constitution and the last two pages of the Constitution;
  • Certificate of state registration;
  • Certificate of VAT payer and a single tax payer (extended to the end of this year or the following year);
  • Document confirming the position and powers of Laci-signer of the contract (specifications, applications, and ADDITIONAL AGREEMENTS);
  • Announcement with their postal and physical address, bank details, and contact telephone / fax numbers;
  • Help form number 4-APP. 

From its side Donetsk cardboard mill «Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD guarantees:

  • Exactly granting terms of payment.
  • Timely granting all account documentation.


Please contact our department of techniques supply if your enterprise want to have as a client stable,solvent ,dynamic bullish company.


Care of ecology
The enterprise is a member of the Ukrainian industrial-ecological association "Ukrvtorma".
Now the companies are required the qualified employees.
Our partners
We are opened to cooperation with the various organisations.

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