Donetsk-Vtorma LTD 



Donetsk, prospect Krasnogvardejsky, 46

Tel:+38(062) 382-94-08
+38(062) 386-93-62



General director Donetsk-Vtorma LTD:

Vladlen Golbert 

Deputy of General Director Donetsk-Vtorma LTD on innovations and technical activity:

Sergey N. Koval 

E-mail: koval_sn@ukr.net 

Mob.+38 (067) 465-51-45 


Sales department
Marketing department
Head of Marketing department:

E-mail: sales@vtorma.com

Tel: +38 (062) 382-87-44

Mob.: +38 (050) 471-62-92

Manager sales of sanitary-hygienic products (distribution in the regions):

Anatoly Holudeev

E-mail: holudeev@vtorma.com

Tel: +38 (062) 386-94-45

Manager sales of sanitary-hygienic products (distribution in the regions):

Cherkasov Sergey

E-mail: distr2@vtorma.com

Tel: +38 (062) 386-94-45

Sales Manager sanitary-hygienic products (segment cabaret):

Vilks Olga

E-mail: tissue@vtorma.com

Tel: +38 (062) 386-94-45

Marketing specialist:

Olga Dobryak

E-mail: o.dobryak@vtorma.com

Tel: +38 (062) 386-94-45



Hardware department  
Sales department supply engineer: Irina Morzak

E-mail: irina@vtorma.com

Tel: +38 (062) 382-87-42

Sales department supply engineer: Igor Nikulin

E-mail: igor_nikulin@vtorma.com

Tel: +38 (062) 382-87-42


Waste paper supply department 

Waste paper department chief assistant: Dmitriy Gorbatko 

E-mail: makulatura-papir@vtorma.com

Tel: +38 (062) 382-95-76

Waste paper department chief: Evgeniy Belkin

E-mail: recycle@vtorma.com 

Tel: +38 (062) 382-95-76

Care of ecology
The enterprise is a member of the Ukrainian industrial-ecological association "Ukrvtorma".
Now the companies are required the qualified employees.
Our partners
We are opened to cooperation with the various organisations.

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