«Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD was founded in 1996 and started its activity with waste paper collecting, assortment and logging. The company’s history is more than 10 years. Strategy of constant development, efficient innovation activity and professional management made it possible for the company to enter the top five major pulp-and-paper companies of Ukraine. Group of the companies has successfully passed certification audit of Management System of Quality ISO 9001:2000 in 2007.And that is proving that its production corresponds to the highest European standards! In December after the supervisory audits passing the effect of the certificates has been confirmed.

Donetsk Cardboard Factory of fluting and liners production with project efficiency 15 thousands tones per year was placed in operation in 2003 

In 2007 production capacity amounted 20 666 tones.

In 2008 complex equipment modernization was run. There are results:

  • Production of craftliners of K-2 mark with white, cloudy and brown cover layer is realized;
  • Physical-mechanical properties of paper and cardboard are increased;
  • Average weight of production square meter is reduced;
  • Volume density is increased and that’s make it possible to increase production meterage in one roll;


In 2008 24 549 tones of finished product were produced that is on 18,7% more than the result of 2007 year. 
The same quantity of production was produced summary for the 2004 and 2005!!!


In 2009, Donetsk cardboard mill started production of the fluting 80 and 90 g/m2 and liners 140 g/m2 because of the package price failing tendency. Liners with colored top layer (BROWN) allowed customers to improve the outside of the box by the minimal inputs.

Today production of Donetsk cardboard mill has the call as on Ukrainian as on abroad market of pulp-and-paper industry.

Clients of «Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD are the companies from Russian Federation, Armenia, Turkey, and Moldova Republic.


In 2009 Donetsk cardboard mill started the production of tissue paper and kitchen towels with trade names «Best Clean» and «Lanita».

 «Best Clean» is the registered Trade mark. The rights to its usage belong to "Donetsk-Vtorma" Ltd.

  • The logo is made unique handwriting font, which indicates that exclusivity and allocates the goods of the commodity range and certainly adds recognition.
  • Blue is associated with purity and freshness of winter.
  • The used brand-hero indicates that the goods for family use. Panda is associated with softness, warmth, tenderness. 

Modern line of Italian firm «GEMINI» with productivity 30 tones per 24 hours is single automated system that makes it possible to produce wide assortment of high-quality production. Two alternative package lines may form any different combinations of consumer’s packages for tissue paper and kitchen towels from 2 to 24 rolls that gives an opportunity to meet any claim of customers. Production is produced of ecological cellulose and absolutely safe for adults and children health, that is confirmed by the sanitary consequence of the Ministry of Health Safe-Keeping of Ukraine.


Donetsk-Vtorma LTD takes an active part in social and sport life of Donetsk region. Company is an official sponsor of the promoting company "Union Boxing Promotion", which is engaged with the box popularization in Ukraine and involvement talented and promising boxers in professional box since 2001. Company also renders pecuniary aid to the Donetsk Baby House also renders sponsor aid to the Fascist Camps Former Prisoners Organization. 

The development strategy of the group for the near-term years provides efficiency of corporate management increasing also basic business-processes optimization and adoption of new technologies. 

The range of hygiene products TM «Best Clean» filled up "Eco" series of toilet paper and kitchen towels, which are made from environmentally friendly raw materials. For the production of paper uses advanced technology «DEINKING», which bleaches the paper and gives it a soft, delicate texture.
Successfully passed the recertification audit of quality management system standard ISO 9001:2008.
The output of finished goods was 27.597 tons, which is 22% more than in 2009.

Year 2011,
Implemented Environmental Management System ISO 14001. The certificate was received.
Environmental management system and quality management integrated into the Integrated Management System.
The upgrade of paper-making equipment:
• carried out installation of the new longitudinal-cutting machine at a speed of 1500 m / min. It is possible to raise the speed with which the roll of production up to 50%.
• the drying cylinders of the paper making machine without increasing its dimensions were added.
• Drive PMM was transferred to AC motors with automatic frequency control from Siemens.
As a result the capacity increased to 120 tons / day.
Running an automatic production line of paper napkins in size 240 * 240mm. The line has a capacity of 50 tons per month and has an opportunity to make four-color print. Embossing on napkins - exclusive design developed specifically for TM "Best Clean"
On the warehouse of sanitary products storage system DRIVE-IN with the real-time visualization of the quantity of pallets was installed. Preparations for the installation of the automatic pallet storage and accounting was began.
The output of finished goods was 30.359 tons. Increase over the 2010 - 10%.

Year 2012,
The second production of sanitary products with the following equipment was installed
• Production line of paper napkins with the sheet size 33x33cm. Capacity - 20tonn per month. It is possible to apply four-color print. Embossing on napkins - exclusive design developed specifically for TM "Best Clean" and contour for a festive multi-ply napkins.
• Production line for a handkerchief. Capacity of 30 tons per month. Launch of high-quality three-layer handkerchiefs "Velvet"

In line processing of toilet paper "gafra-in-color" section was installed. The installed equipment is unique for Ukrainian enterprises and was made in Italy specifically for Donetsk cardboard and paper factory. The Company now produces three-layer high quality paper " luxury soft " with an exclusive embossed design.
An automatic fire extinguishing system was installed. Tests were carried out successfully.
Started implementation of management systems for health and safety (OHSAS 18001:2007)


Care of ecology
The enterprise is a member of the Ukrainian industrial-ecological association "Ukrvtorma".
Now the companies are required the qualified employees.
Our partners
We are opened to cooperation with the various organisations.

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