Paper-making equipment


Name Description Price,uah
Pressing part
1 part

Lower roll – aspirate, diameter 650 mm, casing is bronze non rubber-coated;

upper roll – granite, diameter 400 mm;

lifting-descent of upper roll is mechanical, pressing under its own weight.

2 part

Lower roll — is rubber-coated, diameter 380 mm, smooth;

upper roll — granite, diameter 400 mm;

lifting-descent of upper roll, pressing is pneumatic;

linear pressure in grip is - 40 kN/m.

3 part

Lower roll — is rubber coated, diameter 380 mm, smooth;

upper roll — granite, granite 400 mm;

lifting- descent of upper roll, pressing is pneumatic;

linear pressure in grip — 40 kN/m.

  • Only lower pressing cloth installation is specified on all presses with dimensions 10*2,35m.
  • Presses are supplied with cloth stretches and cloth dressing.
  • Its one cloth washer on every press.
  • Drive is supplied with cylindrical reducers with neutral position switch also with direct current motors with power 18kWatt.
  • Two granites and two rubber coated rolls are in the set.
Mass preparation
Conical refiner

Without the motor (necessary motor is 63 kWatt, 100 revo);
Blade garniture set is reserve (for cellulose refining);
Cast garniture;
Productivity 30 tones per 24 hours period;
Type – Morden mill;
Additive mechanism is manual.

Pressure sorter СНС-50-0.5

Rated mass productivity all over the incoming waste paper mass suspension with holes diameter 2,8 mm and fibre mass fraction 3,0%,pressure difference 0.05 MPa, 55 tones per 24 hours;
Sieve cylinder punched zones area is 0,5 m2;
Sieve cylinder inside diameter is 315 mm;
Sieve holes diameters 2,4; 2,8 mm;
Sieve perforation rate, not less than 0,23;
Drive motor: power 55, 75 kWatt;
Rotation frequency 1500 revo;
Overall dimension 1970х650х795 mm;
Installation total mass 1,555 tones.

Pulsating refiner
Voith Deflaker

Productivity 40 tones per 24 hours;
Motor power 75 kWatt;
Rotation frequency is 1500 revo;
Garniture type - punched;
Additive type - manual.
Press drive reducer GetrieboType ZBHW40, 2-stepped, i = 53,4.call
CouchCellular type (Germany), Bronze casing ; Dimeter800mm(non rubber coated); Cutoff width 2100 mm, New sealing is in set.
Pressure sorter of open typeChink width 2300 mm (used).call
Offset press
GEBR BELLMER KGNIEFERN NR 1299, 3kg/sm2, 1963 year., Lb = 2500 mm, Db = 1200 mm.call
Screw press(used)call

Cupric wire

Filter pressP3P4-1K-0(used)call
Ofset press cylinder with driver reducerCut off 2100 mm.call
Single hydro planks fasteningNet width 2450 mm, Aluminium (used). (б/у ). 30piecescall
 Steam Head LG 40/32 with a set of spare partshttp://vtorma.com/img/S6304011.jpg




Slitter rewinder Jagenberg Description of PRS. 

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