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23 05 2014
TM Best Clean NEW DESIGN is standard toilet paper!
13 02 2014
Best Clean is NEW DESIGN Towels is with drawing Fruit!
10 12 2013
Improved cleaning pulp.
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Donetsk cardboard mill «Donetsk-Vtorma» offers its clients high-quality raw materials for fluted package production – fluting, testliners and craftliners. 
Ukrainian pulp-and-paper industry market part amounts 5,1%.
Through its Subsidiary production unit « Resursosberegenie» mill owns branched network of receiving points with organized system of logistics and summary feedstock volume more than 2 thousands tones of waste paper every month, thereby, mill is supplied by waste paper completely.
Donetsk cardboard mill is equipped with certified laboratory also with all necessary tools for quality characteristics control over all the production period, from waste paper and materials receipt up to production shipment to clients. Every production shipment is supplied with Quality certificate. 
In 2007 « Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD has successfully passed certification audit of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000, that proves production conformity to the highest European Standards. In 2008, December supervisory audit has been passed successfully. Certificate activity is confirmed. 
Clients of «Donetsk-Vtorma» LTD are the companies from Russian Federation, Moldova, Armenia, and Turkey. 
Production facilities allow producing up to 2,5 thousands tones of paper and cardboard every month. Commercial output has amounted 20666 tones in 2007, and in 2008 Donets cardboard mill increased its production capacity up to 24549 tones in spite of the world depression. Thereby, increment amounted 118, 7%, that is one of the best indexes in the branch.  


ISO 9001:2008
Donetsk-Vtorma LTD has successfully passed certification audit of Managament System of Quality ISO 9001:2000 in 2007

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